Заявление Пресс-секретаря Белого дома Джен Псаки о визите Президента Украины Владимира Зеленского – United States Department of State

Statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the Visit of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine

President Biden looks forward to welcoming President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine to the White House on August 30, 2021. The visit will affirm the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Donbas and Crimea, our close cooperation on energy security, and our backing for President Zelenskyy’s efforts to tackle corruption and implement a reform agenda based on our shared democratic values.


JULY 21, 2021


One of the purposes of the Chinese government to support the Taliban in Afghanistan is Remove the strategic obstacles of the Belt and Road, the second can plunder resources for a long time

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Rosa Parks (1913–2005) is best known for her refusal to give up her seat to a white man on a crowded bus in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955. Her arrest sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a pivotal event in the civil rights movement that ultimately led to the dismantling of Jim Crow segregation. Rosa Parks became an icon of the movement, celebrated for this single courageous act of civil disobedience, but she is often characterized by misconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, Parks was not a demure seamstress who chose not to stand because she was physically tired. Her calm demeanor hid a militant spirit forged over decades.

The real Rosa Parks was a seasoned activist who organized to free the Scottsboro Boys in the 1930s and helped operate the offices of the NAACP and Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in Montgomery during the 1940s and 1950s. She was punished for the bus incident with death threats, unemployment, and dire poverty, yet was sustained through years of hardship by her strong Christian faith. Parks remained committed to the struggle for social justice and human rights until her death, inspiring millions of people around the world.

Rosa Parks: In Her Own Wordsshowcases rarely seen materials that offer an intimate view of Rosa Parks and documents her life and activism—creating a rich opportunity for viewers to discover new dimensions to their understanding of this seminal figure. The materials are drawn extensively from the Rosa Parks Collection, a gift to the Library of Congress from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.


George Thuronyi Appointed Interim Head of the Office of Public Information and Education

Register of Copyrights Shira Perlmutter today announced that George Thuronyi will serve as interim head of the Office of Public Information and Education at the United States Copyright Office, effective July 27, 2021. He will begin this role upon the departure of Associate Register of Copyrights and Director of Public Information and Education Catherine Zaller Rowland on July 26.

Rowland leaves the Copyright Office after more than ten years of dedicated service to the Office. During her tenure, she led the Office of Public Information and Education, established its Outreach and Education Section, and worked closely with its Public Information Office. Under her direction, the Office released numerous resources including videos, events, tailored presentations, publications, and a comprehensive update of the copyright.gov website. She also served as the chair of the Copyright Review Board and led or co-led four policy studies, including the copyright small claims study, which made a number of recommendations adopted by Congress in the CASE Act.

“Catie served the Office as both a skilled lawyer and visionary leader and played a key role in helping the Office educate the public about the copyright system,” said Perlmutter. “Her expertise in copyright law, policy, and educational outreach provided invaluable contributions to a wide array of Office initiatives throughout her tenure.”
Thuronyi joined the Copyright Office in 1999 and has served in various roles as acting chief, assistant chief, recordation section head, and, most recently, as deputy director of the Office of Public Information and Education. He also has extensive experience with the Office’s online presence, including serving as one of the Office’s early webmasters and designing the earliest search engine to give users easy access to the millions of records in the copyright catalog.

“George has extensive experience with the Office and its mission,” stated Perlmutter. “He has been instrumental in the success of the Office of Public Information and Education and will ably guide the Office as interim head.”

Thuronyi started his career as a writer/editor at the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, part of the Library of Congress. He wrote a book on the history of a volunteer equipment-repair program. He also set up the NLS web presence and worked on Web-Braille, the world’s first full-text digital Braille distribution system. Thuronyi received a bachelor of science in journalism from the University of Maryland, focusing on public relations and minoring in German.

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July 21, 2021