New! National Service Reports Available

Celebrate your state during AmeriCorps Week

2022 National Service Reports
AmeriCorps Week, March 13-19; #AmeriCorps Week; collage of members
Rep. Slotkin

AmeriCorps Office of External Affairs 

Feb. 18, 2022

New! National Service Reports Available

Celebrate your state during AmeriCorps Week

2022 National Service Reports Available

Don’t miss this year’s National Service Reports, reflecting the profound impact AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs, members, and volunteers make in the states and territory of the United States, to change and improve countless lives through the power of service. 

Each year, AmeriCorps scours thousands of data points to compile our National Service Reports. The results are a snapshot of national service programs and the total investment by AmeriCorps in communities across the country. These statistics are available to share using the downloadable graphics which accompany each report. 

To learn more about the impact of service in your state or community, please visit the impact page of our website to view and download your state’s National Service Report. Social media graphics are available for download through our Social Press Kit. 

Use these reports and graphics to celebrate your state during AmeriCorps Week.

Celebrate AmeriCorps Week

AmeriCorps Week is March 13-19. During AmeriCorps Week we recognize the commitment of the millions of Americans who have chosen to serve their country through AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps of service.

This year’s theme is Together, we are AmeriCorps.

Service brings people together and bridges divides, and that’s what our members, volunteers, and programs do each and every day. This theme is also fitting this year as we include National Service Recognition Day into AmeriCorps Week. Starting this year, instead of having a standalone day a few weeks later, we invite local leaders and elected officials – from mayors to county executives – to participate in the weeklong celebration. 

You and your partners are encouraged to celebrate with us throughout the week. Visit our website for more information and follow the digital conversation about AmeriCorps Week and the days leading up to it on AmeriCorps’ Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Below are updated communications resources, messaging, and engagement ideas.

Communications Resources

Access our Social Press Kit to use our one-stop shop for all AmeriCorps Week communication resources including logos, social media graphics, templates, and other outreach tools. Make sure you share that you’re celebrating AmeriCorps Week on social media. Don’t forget to use #AmeriCorpsWeek and tag @AmeriCorps in your posts. This press kit will continued to be updated with more social posts throughout the month.

Social Press Kit

Engagement Ideas

Share AmeriCorps’ Impact. Through op-eds, letters to the editor, or other communications channels, you can highlight the impact of the work members do in your community.

Host an “honorary AmeriCorps member”. Invite media, an elected official, a community leader, school principal, AmeriCorps alumnus, or other local dignitary to see AmeriCorps in action by becoming an “honorary AmeriCorps member” or by doing a site visit.  

In previous years, we’ve seen community leaders, like school principals or even elected officials participate as honorary AmeriCorps members.

Join us on Day of the A. Show off your AmeriCorps gear – new logo, old logo – it doesn’t matter! Don your favorite tee, break out your old baseball cap, or show off your AmeriCorps-themed arts and crafts project. Take a photo and share it on your personal social media channels on Thursday, March 17, in honor of the #DayoftheA. 

Declare AmeriCorps Week in a state or local proclamation. Help declare March 13-19 AmeriCorps Week in your community by securing AmeriCorps Week proclamations from your city or county council, state legislature, or governor. 

Spread the word about AmeriCorps. Share videos, photos, and stories on social media about AmeriCorps or your own experience throughout the week. Be sure to tag @AmeriCorps in your posts.

Say thank you. Share why you are thankful for AmeriCorps. Create a 15-30 second video expressing your #AmeriThanks to those making a difference in your communities. If you are an AmeriCorps member or alumnus, share your story. 

Some prompts to get you started:

  • How does AmeriCorps make an impact in your community?
  • What’s the most memorable/meaningful part of AmeriCorps service?
  • End your message with: “Together, we are AmeriCorps,” and encourage others to share their thanks or their story.

Please submit raw videos recorded on mobile phone or camera (we’re not looking for produced videos with headers/captions, etc.) to by Tuesday, March 1. 

Share your story. We’re always looking for more stories to share. Be sure to share your service story with us to be featured during AmeriCorps Week or throughout the year!

Share your Story

This AmeriCorps Week join with us as we celebrate the impact of our programs and offer our thanks to members and volunteers for making an impact and serve others. Together, we can help the country recover and come back stronger. Together, we persevere.   

Together, we are AmeriCorps. 


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