Notice 2022-08 will be in IRB: 2022-7, dated 02/14/2022.

Issue Number:​ ​ ​ ​ N-2022-08

Inside This Issue

Notice 2022-08 sets forth the 2022 Cumulative List of Changes in Section 403(b) Requirements for Section 403(b) Pre-approved Plans (2022 Cumulative List). The 2022 Cumulative List will assist providers of section 403(b) pre-approved plans applying to the IRS for opinion letters for the second remedial amendment cycle (Cycle 2) under the IRS’s section 403(b) pre-approved plan program. The 2022 Cumulative List identifies changes in the requirements of section 403(b) that will be taken into account by the IRS with respect to a plan document submitted to the IRS for Cycle 2 and that were not taken into account during the first remedial amendment cycle.

Notice 2022-08 will be in IRB: 2022-7, dated 02/14/2022.

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