E-Verify Updates User Management Profile Webpages

E-Verify Updates User Management Profile Webpages

E-Verify Updates User Management Profile Webpages

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On Dec. 6, E‑Verify updated the following User Management profile webpages:

  1. User Profile Information;
  2. Update/Change Password; and
  3. Update/Change Password Challenge Questions and Answers.

E‑Verify users will be able to view and complete these actions from a consolidated user profile screen.​ This allows users to view all of their account information quickly and easily, without having to navigate to multiple pages.

Users will be able to access their profile information from the E‑Verify Home page by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to their name and selecting “User Account.”

In addition, the updated pages:

  • Enhance the user’s experience managing profile information and account access;
  • Provide a new look and feel; and
  • Ensure consistency with other updated pages within E‑Verify.

This update impacts all E‑Verify users.​


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