Join the Friends of the Library of Congress

Join the Friends of the Library of Congress

For more than 200 years, the Library of Congress has collected, preserved and protected our national record for your use now. To write a book, to start a business, to research your family genealogy, to understand our shared history. The Library is yours. 

And, there is no time like now to join the Friends of the Library of Congress to help preserve this country’s enduring culture and spirit for generations to come. Join now and become an inaugural member. 

As an inaugural member, you will have distinctive opportunities to explore the marvels of the Library’s collections and enjoy engaging with our curators and archivists and librarians. 

And, as a part of this important philanthropic community, you will leave a lasting mark on the nation’s Library. From helping to diversify the Library’s collections to supporting public exhibitions and programs, the impact of becoming a Friend will last for generations.  

Learn more about Friends of the Library of Congress and the benefits of becoming a member.

And join us as an inaugural member today!

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Library of Congress · 101 Independence Ave, SE · Washington, DC 20540 · 202-707-5000 

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