CII and USAID’s Malaria Division launch partnership with AMP Health to strengthen malaria control programs

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November 2021


CII and USAID’s Malaria Division launch partnership with AMP Health to strengthen malaria control programs

The Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) and USAID’s Malaria Division are launching a $3.6M partnership with the Global Health Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) project and its sub-partner, the Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health), to strengthen the institutional capacity of National Malaria Control Programs in several countries including, the Central African Republic, Chad, Mauritania, and Republic of Congo. This initiative is funded through a portion of the US Government’s contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria that is reserved to provide technical assistance.​

CII is a founding and Partnership Board member of AMP Health, a public-private partnership that works to improve health systems and outcomes by applying business models from the private sector to improve the leadership and management of Ministries of Health (MOHs), equipping host countries with the tools needed to improve their own health systems and sustain results. AMP Health has partnered with MOHs in Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zambia on community health, immunization, and COVID-19 vaccine rollout. It will now work under this partnership to help countries manage and implement grants from the The Global Fund, with a focus on developing leadership, analytical, and problem solving skills through training and placement of long-term advisors.


​ CROSS CUTTINGCII’s Acting Director named one of the most influential people navigating disruption by Apolitical

Our very own Acting Director Amy Lin has been named as one of Apolitical’s top 50 leaders in agile governance for navigating disruption this year. The “Agile 50” list seeks to laud politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs driving agility across the globe. The Agile 50 List is a joint initiative of Apolitical and the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council (GFC) on Agile Governance that highlights the contributions of those championing innovation in policy making. Amy was recognized for her leadership of CII, which has worked to strengthen supply chains with private partners, map digital solutions, and help catalyse funds to keep private clinics open across five sub-Saharan African countries despite COVID disruptions.​

Agile 50



USAID Grand Challenge and DIV winners share their innovator experience at Grand Challenges Annual Meeting (GCAM)

This week, Senior Advisor Meghan Majorowski moderated a discussion at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting (GCAM) on the challenges of scaling health innovations. In the discussion, past Grand Challenge and DIV winners KinnosBluSense DiagnosticsGradian Health Systems, and Maisha Meds, spoke alongside Zambia MOH-based AMP Health Partner. They emphasized the unique challenges and opportunities in attempting to design impactful Grand Challenges that focus on country-driven efforts targeting scaling innovators.



​​Architects of Digital Health game blog from USAID and TechChange

This summer, students from Harvard T.H. Chan’s Global Health Delivery Intensive program took part in a class that used the board game Architects of Digital Health: COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign to teach lessons about trade-offs and dependencies when investing in digital health. This board game was developed by CII’s Merrick Schaefer. In an Ariadne Labs blog published this week, co-authored by Merrick, the teachers and students discussed the lessons learned when playing the game. Key takeaways included the importance of investing in governance, global standards on data privacy and interoperability, and of preparing systems for the introduction of new technologies for successful vaccine program implementation.

Architects of Digital Health



CII PSE and HCD work highlighted in USAID Administrator’s 60th anniversary speech

In her remarks to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Agency, USAID Administrator Samantha Power called attention to the importance of private sector engagement (PSE) and human centered design (HCD) in global health programs. Our work to increase access to medicines through our partnership with Project Last Mile (PLM) was highlighted as an example of effectively leveraging private sector expertise to provide essential services.​ Administrator Power also told the story of how we worked with our Office of HIV/AIDS colleagues to use HCD insights and iterations to design​ V, an approach to presenting oral PrEP that aims to fit into a young woman’s life as seamlessly and appealingly as her favorite beauty brand.

A/AID 60th Remarks


WomenLift Health
Women Leaders in Global Health Conference
November 15 – 16, 2021

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health​
Beyond COP26: Next Steps in the Fight Against Climate Change​ ​
November 18, 2021


The Digital Health Centre of Excellence (DICE) website goes live

CII’s Adele Waugaman an expert reviewer for newly released FT and Lancet Governing Health Futures 2030 report​

CII partner Leapfrog to Value (L2V) formalizes partnership with the International Consortium for Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)​​​​


World Health Organization​
Countries commit to develop climate-smart health care at COP 26
November 9, 2021​

Washington Post​ ​
Britain authorizes Merck’s molnupiravir, the world’s first approval of oral COVID-19 treatment pill​ ​
November 4, 2021

BioNTech​ ​
BioNTech Plans to Initiate the Construction of an mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Africa in mid-2022
October 26, 2021​



African Futures​
Visions for healthy data governance

The Global Fund
Transforming the Medical PPE Ecosystem

Freakonomics Radio​ ​
Edward Miguel on Collecting Economic Data by Canoe and Correlating Conflict with Rainfall

The Atlantic​ ​
Women and the Liberating Power of No


World Food Program and BMZ digilab​ ​
Digital Health Innovation Accelerator Program​ ​

Grand Challenges Canada
Global Mental Health



Julia Dreher, Program Assistant

Julia photo

Julia Dreher is a Program Assistant working with the Center for Innovation and Impact (CII). Her work focuses on supporting CII’s Acting Director Amy Lin, as well as providing general administrative support for the team and managing communications. Prior to joining CII, Julia managed an incubator at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor focused on providing training, mentorship, and funding for student projects focused on tackling social and environmental issues. She was drawn to CII because of the unique opportunity to conduct innovative work in a government context. When not at work, Julia likes to spend her time with friends and family (preferably outdoors)!

You can find her full interview here.grey-bar

The Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) applies innovative, market-based, and digital health approaches to accelerate impact against critical health issues. CII incubates new ideas, puts them into practice, and scales effective approaches with diverse partnerships.

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