AmeriCorps Awards Nearly $6 Million to Senior Volunteer Programs

American Rescue Plan funds will help AmeriCorps Seniors grantees increase COVID-19 relief efforts and address critical community needs

Graphic: AmeriCorps Seniors Augmentation Grant Announcement

November 3, 2021

Natasha Dabrowski

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AmeriCorps Awards Nearly $6 Million to Senior Volunteer Programs

American Rescue Plan funds will help AmeriCorps Seniors grantees increase COVID-19 relief efforts and address critical community needs

WASHINGTON, D.C.—​ AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism, awarded nearly​ $6 million​ to current AmeriCorps Seniors organizational grantees, augmenting existing projects to address ongoing needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds are part of the $1 billion invested in national service through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.​

“Nearly 200,000 AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers serve countless hours to address challenges in their communities and bring out the best in America,”​ said Atalaya Sergi, director of AmeriCorps Seniors.​ “Their service is crucial – especially now as we start to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”​

The 56 grant recipients in the AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and RSVP programs in 23 states and the District of Columbia were awarded a one-time grant augmentation of at least $50,000. Augmentation awards varied from $50,000 to more than $630,000.​

View a​ complete list of awards, including organizations and funding totals.​ ​

“We are committed to serving those most in need. For example,​ one of​ these​ awards will​ support several communities​ designated​ by the Census Bureau as having high rates of poverty. These two counties had no existing AmeriCorps Seniors presence and we are excited to support them in building back better,”​ said Sergi.

With these funds, organizations are expanding activities specifically focused on combating the COVID-19 pandemic, such as: contact tracing, vaccination programs, vaccination education and navigation services, and children and youth learning loss.​

“The pandemic hit many of our partner organizations especially hard. This funding investment will help​ them​ bounce back and do even more to address critical needs in their communities that have been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic,”​ said Sergi.

This effort comes as part of the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill to accelerate the country’s recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing recession. $1 billion was invested in national service to increase access to service opportunities and rapidly support COVID-19 relief and vaccination efforts. This augmentation is just one of several steps AmeriCorps is taking to deliver​ critical funds to communities in need.​ ​ ​

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, AmeriCorps members and volunteers​ have​ provided COVID-19 support to more than 11.5 million Americans, including 2.5 million people at vaccination sites, conducted more than 2 million wellness checks, provided 34 million meals, collected and distributed more than 145 million pounds of food, and supervised more than 50,000 volunteers.​

AmeriCorps will announce additional​ grant opportunities​ later this year.​


AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteering and national service, provides opportunities for Americans to serve their country domestically, address the nation’s most pressing challenges, improve lives and communities, and strengthen civic engagement. Each year, the agency invests more than​ $800 million in grants​ for local nonprofit, community, tribal, and state organizations; places more than 250,000 AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in intensive service roles; and empowers millions more to serve as long-term, short-term, or one-time volunteers. Learn more at

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