2021 National Book Festival, Experimental Hip-Hop, and Songs from Mexico

2021 National Book Festival,​ Experimental Hip-Hop, and Songs from Mexico

Watch these videos just added to the Library of Congress website.

Open a Book, Open the World: 2021 National Book Festival

Watch various author talks from this year’s National Book Festival.​

2021 National Book Festival: Children

2021 National Book Festival: Teen

2021 National Book Festival: Fiction​

2021 National Book Festival: Science

2021 National Book Festival: Lifestyle

2021 National Book Festival: Current Events

2021 National Book Festival: History & Biography​

2021 National Book Festival: Poetry and ProseHomegrown: Cambalache

The American Folklife Center presents Cambalache, a group that plays and promotes traditional son jarocho through performance, music workshops, and educational demonstrations.

Homegrown: Mamselle Ruiz

Watch a Homegrown Concert featuring Mamselle Ruiz, a Mexican-born singer and guitarist living in French-speaking Montreal. For her Homegrown concert, Ruiz will concentrate on the traditional side of her repertoire, bringing traditional songs and Son Huasteco standards from several regions of Mexico to the Homegrown at Home series.

Homegrown: harbanger

harbanger is a turntable septet – an experimental hip-hop music research project exploring turntable polyphony and polyrhythm.​ harbanger will present new music composed by The Don Santos (“Where The Movement Is”) and Pryvet Peepsho (“Pavor Nocturnus”) in their September 28 video premiere.

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