Construction Spending

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Construction Spending10/01/2021 10:00 AM EDT
Total construction activity for August 2021 ($1,584.1 billion) was virtually unchanged from (+/-1.0 percent)* the revised July 2021 ($1,584.0 billion).

August 2021: +0.0* % change
July 2021 (r): +0.3* % change

​ (*) The 90% confidence interval includes zero. The Census Bureau does not have sufficient statistical evidence to conclude that the actual change is different from zero.

​ (°) Statistical significance is not applicable or not measurable for these surveys. The Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders estimates are not based on a probability sample, so we can neither measure the sampling error of these estimates nor compute confidence intervals.

(r) Revised.

All estimates are seasonally adjusted except for the Rental Vacancy Rate, Home Ownership Rate, Quarterly Financial Report for Retail Trade, and Quarterly Services Survey. None of the estimates are adjusted for price changes.


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