Ideas for Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is around the corner. Let us help!

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Fire Safety Resources: October

Ideas for Fire Prevention Week

This year, Fire Prevention Week (FPW) is October 3-9.

“Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™” focuses on recognizing the different sounds safety devices make when there is a fire or carbon monoxide hazard.

Knowing the unique noises, the alarm makes – beeping or chirping – means it is time to act.

Use USFA’s free resources to help you plan for your celebrations.

If FPW has snuck up on you this year, there is still time to spread the word about fire safety.

Suicide prevention and awareness resources

In 2017,​ more first responders died by suicide than in the line of duty. The Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance estimates that only 40% of firefighter suicides are reported.

Learn to build awareness around the very real and concerning problem of suicide among emergency responders. Learn how to help a colleague who may be struggling.

home fire fatalities map

Home fire fatalities

As of September 30, home fire fatalities reported to the media are up 13% from last year. During October, make a point to share fire safety messages with your community.

Share the facts about fire. Most people don’t realize how fasthotdark or deadly fire is. They believe the danger comes from the fire; not realizing most fatalities are due to the toxic smoke.

2022 Vision 20/20 Symposium

Want to learn about proven best practices, strategies and resources in community risk reduction?

Consider joining USFA at the Vision 20/20 Model Performance in Community Risk Reduction Symposium February 22-24, 2022.

Virtual older adult safety summit in October and November

The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center and the Michigan Trauma Coalition Injury Prevention Older Adult Falls Subcommittee are offering a two-part “Older Adult Injury Prevention Summit” on October 26th and November 10th from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Registration is required.

Join virtually to learn from several internationally recognized researchers, clinicians, subject matter experts, and speakers!​ Topics include:

  • Advances in Translating Fall Risk Reduction for Older Adults to the Real World
  • Emerging Research on Older Adult Driving, Pedestrian, and Road Safety
  • Plain Language is Not for Dummies: ​ Applying Plain Language Guidelines to Ensure Materials Are Clear and Effective
  • Educational, Survey, and Assessment Tools: ​ Recommendations on Outcomes Evaluation and Integration of Tools into SLIPS Program (also relevant to other injury prevention programs!)

Schedule is available at: ​

Separate registration for each day is required:

If you have any questions, reach out to

Fire is Everyones Fight

Fire is Everyone’s Fight®

There are dozens of ways you can use Fire Is Everyone’s Fight to help teach people in your city or town to be safe from fire. Join the fight for a few ideas to get you started.

Questions?​ Contact Us

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