China Problems of Normalized EnterpriseDevelopFrom the Chinese Communist government

Baidu. Tencent and Alibaba are different from Huawei. They are not at the mercy of the CCP. Because Li Yanhong, Ma Huateng and Ma Yun are still young, and Ren Zhengfei is already old.

However, this is not the case. Let’s talk about Jack Ma. Jack Ma’s inner statement withdrawing from Ali is like this: “You want Ali as a political tool. You take it!” Just as he said, “I have never been interested in money” !

In fact, Li Yen-hung, Ma Hua-ten, and Ma Yun, including Xiaomi Leijun, are well aware that it is impossible to ignore the CCP in China.But, to be completely controlled by the Chinese.It’s not good for your own development.

After all, for the development of formalized enterprises, it is not a long-term solution to always play the “side ball” for a long time. Just like Douyin video, one set for external play, one set for internal play!

This is the same problem that foreign enterprises face in China.This is why many foreign enterprises intimidate their governments into cooperating with the authoritarian and tyrannical ccph.

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