The ideological disaster of the Chinese Communist regime

From Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Wuhan and then to Zhengzhou. In fact, the Chinese have been brainwashed by the thoughts of the CCP regime. Coupled with the inherent traditional stubborn nature of the closed state, they have gradually evolved into a state of “machine-like dullness”.

The start button is the ideological call of countless renewal of the CCP regime, that is, the call of the Central Party.

Because Chinese people who are stubborn under the influence of tradition, all they learn in the closed space of the CCP are the ideological concepts of the CCP regime. The essence of this ideological concept has been seriously solidified. Its core content is summarized and summarized. There is only one sentence “for the so-called communism”  Struggle for life” is also the so-called “initial aspiration” of the CCP.

The CCP regime has instilled in the people the erroneous logic of solidification, deceit, that must obey the CCP’s ideology, blinding the mind. Whether it is alive or dead, disobedience, that is, the erroneous logic of crime.

Therefore, the Chinese people will only have a long and short emotional response when they touch themselves or experience them in the real environment. After that, they still return to the state of “machine-like dullness”.

The erroneous ideas and concepts that have been severely solidified by the CCP system have become incompatible with the world. The reality model is all the CCP’s wrong operations against humanity in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Wuhan. If such erroneous operations flow into the world, it will undoubtedly lead to serious disasters. 

To the connivance of the international community .The fact is that a serious disaster has been caused!

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