Some Opinions on the Origin of COVID-19 comment

在新冠病毒COVID – 19溯源问题上,国际社会理应秉持公平公正的主观严肃态度,不应该客观地认为任何一方强大而心生恐惧感。又或者,苟且,合流而污为之。

On the issue of COVID-19 traceability, the international community should take a subjective and impartial stance, and should not objectively regard either side as strong and fearful.Or, in a perfunctory way.

目前,最大的疑点来自于北京当局在COVID – 19疫情初期对外界的野蛮封锁及隐瞒行为,此行为直接导致国际应急反应的迟缓。这并非是简单时间观念的延迟,而是对人类生命最大的漠视态度。

At present, the biggest doubt comes from the brutal blockade and concealment behavior of the Beijing authorities in the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic. This behavior directly led to the slowness of the international emergency response.  This is not simply a delay in the concept of time, This is the greatest disregard for human life.


The international community must be clear that this indifference was the immediate real cause of the disease’s subsequent escalation.

事实上,许多证据显示,COVID – 19疫情初期北京当局知道必将导致灾难性后果而野蛮封锁及隐瞒事实。

In fact, many evidences show that in the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Beijing authorities brutally blocked and concealed the facts, knowing that it would lead to disastrous consequences.


When faced with the disappearance of millions of human lives in the world, when faced with the painful wailing of countless families in the world.  As a person who has the slightest conscience and is still alive, he should be sympathetic to the same kind who has disappeared in pain and raise his arms.


If a regime once obliterates humanity and evades responsibility, then the international community’s remarks about the future of mankind will be completely hypocritical, and this performance may lead to more devastating disasters in the future.

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