COVID-19It can’t come from nature.

In the face of viruses such as the COVID-19 variant “Delta”, on August 4, 2021, road closures and villages in Guizhou and other places in the most remote areas of Mainland China have reappeared.  The situation in other places can be imagined!

The new round of global vaccination is expected to be completed in 2021 or later.

The first batch of vaccination has an inhibitory effect on COVID-19. Is it a 100% inhibitory effect?  Can it suppress viruses such as the COVID-19 variant “Delta”?  At present, no relevant international medical research and research institutions have made a final conclusion.

The fact is that the optimal control period of the COVID-19 virus has been delayed by human Delay.  This is the real reason that directly led to the uncontrollable situation later!

According to individual international medical experts, it is impossible for ordinary original virus strains in nature to produce powerful immune-suppressing variants.

The final conclusion is that only after the “laboratory” has cultivated an enhanced virus strain (NBC level prohibited by CWC), can it produce a virus strain that has anti-immune effects and can produce mutations. 

(Chinese two knives)

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