The temptation and thinking of video

Do you make a video? I think most people will say that they have done it. Next. There may be a bad point of view to tell everyone. Maybe you will feel that something is not applicable or afraid. This is a normal reaction, especially friends who believe in the doctrine of the soul like me, get back to the subject. Related scholars have come to a conclusion through investigation and research, since video shooting has flowed into the private sector. Those who have taken videos have significantly higher rates of depression and suicide than those who have not. It is indeed alarmist. According to them, taking a video is not the same as taking a photo. Video can record the image of human voice activity. When people look back at their own video after taking the video, it is equal to the separation of the body and the soul, and there is a feeling of separation between the soul and the body. They introduce. Humans have images and are controlled by their brains, so they are not easy to be invaded by things in some foreign space, while the soul is different. It is a dart, invisible, like smoke, and is easily invaded by substances and loses control like water. When you turn off the video, the soul cannot return to the body normally, or the foreign matter carried by the soul after it returns to the body instantly will immediately sneak into the body. Intrusion into the human body affects the control of the brain, and this entire process occurs without prevention. Of course, the above survey results are unofficial and informal survey results. There will be no scientific certification that will not affect others. Maybe it’s just the interest of a few people and the chatting after accumulating tea and dinner. Sharing it here is also a free chat, .DL. Lee

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