The performance of Europe and America and the future and hope of the world

In the past, my understanding of the EU was really limited. Until today, I really understand the EU’s profound justice and very pragmatic justice and decisive attitude. The Chinese government’s horrible behavior of ignoring democracy and freedom and ignoring human rights in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and China is heinous. Regardless of whether the common values ​​of the international community are rational or not, it is worthwhile to initiate effective prosecution to Beijing on the basic human rights issue on the simple human rights issue. In addition, the EU cannot ignore a major issue, the traceability issue of the virus leak of Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. This The question will test the wisdom and courage of Brussels and Washington and the courage of global leadership. Can they really bring good hope to human society in the future world? The evil CCP group in the East has gradually become incompatible with the world. And they are ignoring the contradiction. The pain and death brought by the world have re-opened their evil conspiracy and strategic operations.

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